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Walking Through It


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Sometimes you have to walk through hard times.

Often God doesn’t instantly fix our circumstances. Pull off our struggle. Or break up an addiction.

Instead He asks us to journey through it. But not alone. Jesus is there.


Because He wants you to understand how you got there. To find the root and pull it out. To learn day by day how to live in relationship with Him. To use His strength to resist that temptation.

Healing it right away. Might mean that you would just fall back into it later. Because you didn’t understand what behavior caused it in the first place.

So if He is making you walk through it. Hold onto Him. Trust that He will get you through



God. Sometimes it makes me frustrated or angry that you choose not to fix things in my life. I know that you can. Please help me to trust that you make me walk through it for a purpose. Give me the determination to keep working on my struggle. To keep praying and asking until you show me the solution. And to believe that you will be faithful to answer. Even when life's hard you love me. And I love you back. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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