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Let Go. Step into the Light


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Bring It Into Play

Step into the Light. Find the freedom you are looking for.

Ask Jesus how to find it. He will show you the way.

Allow yourself to let go. To experience what God has for you.

It may feel a little scary. But it is worth the risk.

True joy. Love for yourself. The freedom to be who you are. All that comes when you live in the light.

You will be able to breathe again. To feel okay again. All at once you will wonder why you waited so long.



Hey God. I feel so tangled up right now. Like a total mess. I don't know how to fix things. Will come in and lead me to freedom? Let me feel the warmth of your light. The glow that comes with walking with you. The plans you have for me. How can I even wrap my mind around the idea that you would have thoughts about me? I know that you can give me understanding. Show me the steps towards freedom each day. It's in your son Jesus' name we pray. Amen.


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