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What is a Mindset Link?

Mindset Link


Bring It Into Play

Mindset Link. Or Scripture.

The goal of studying and learning scripture is to connect it with your thoughts and mindset. It takes time, reflection, and help from the Holy Spirit to link scripture to your thoughts.

With each link you start to see the world God’s way. The connection between you and God strengthens.

The connection makes it easier to see God’s work in your life. You start to recognize His voice. His leading throughout the day.

Step by step you are transformed into a powerful warrior for Christ. Scripture is meant to be lived out. Not just memorized.

Praying the Holy Spirit helps you create Mindset links each day!



Heavenly Father. Scripture seems kind of boring. I admit that I have a hard time connecting to it. Seeing how it fits with my life. You say that it will equip me. Open my eyes, ears, and mind to your word. Build a deep desire to study it and know it. Let it refine me and change me. I pray that it will help me know you and understand you better God. You are an awesome and good God. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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