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Be Yourself: God Made You That Way


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Bring It Into Play

Pray through Psalm 139. Ask God to help you discover the ways you are struggling to accept the way He made you.

Why does it bother you? Is it because of comparison? Or something somebody said?

How is it changing the way you feel about yourself?

Ask God to help you understand why He made you that way. Be brave enough to ask the question, "Is there sin struggle in the mix of all of this?" If there is let the light in, so God can change it.



God. You create me the way I am. Why is it so hard for me to accept myself? I need you to work on my heart. To allow me to see that you use my struggles for good things. That I need to surrender the things that I am good at or gifted at to allow you to use them for your glory not mine. Give me the strength to ask hard questions. And to allow you to work in the hard answers. Thanks for being such an awesome Father. I love you. In Jesus' Name.


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