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Light Strand Journal: What is It & Why You Need One

What Is It & Why You Need One

An opportunity to spend time in the Light.

The journal is designed to

  • Boost your faith and creativity

  • Get you excited about spending time with God.

  • You can use this journal as your personal log for daily scripture reading, prayer, activities, moods, intimate thoughts, and so much creativity.

  • The devotional section allows you to store reflections from online devotions.

Why You Need A Light Strand Journal?

This journal is a portable system for organizing your faith. Everything is in one place.

It can help you:

  • Organize your study schedule

  • Keep a record of prayers

  • Log faith goals and accomplishments.

  • You can keep sketches or music you create in it.

  • other things related to your faith life.


Sample Journal Sheets for Beginners

In Upcoming posts, I will explain how to use each of these basic journal sheets and provide links to download and print similar sheets.

Each journal sheet provides space for users to be creative by coloring, drawing, writing, and adding other inspirations.


Additional Posts

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