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Risky Behavior: Your Future Stumbling Blocks


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Bring It Into Play

Risky behavior. Stays with you.

Drinking. Drugs. Porn. Sex. Cutting. Eating disorders. Lies. Stealing. Those forbidden things you feel drawn to.

What will they look like down the road?

They become the stumbling blocks in your life.

Once you open the door, it has its hooks in you. Calling you back to it. Eventually it creeps into your marriage. Family. Career. The future. The older you get. The bigger it grows.

If you don’t want risky behavior to be your future, don’t allow it to be part of your present. Don’t start. Resist temptation.

If you never start smoking, you won’t have to fight the battle to quit.

Action Step

Is there something you feel tempted to try. Or are already doing? Imagine what that will look like when you are married. Have a career. A family. Is that something you want to be a part of your adult life?

How can you stay away from it? Or stop doing it?



Hey God. You are an awesome loving Father. You see things that are ahead of me. Help me to recognize the risky behaviors that will cause me to stumble in my future. Give me the strength to stop now. SO that it doesn't continue to gain power and momentum in my life. Through your Holy Spirit, help me understand the consequences of my actions. Give me the desire to do the right thing. I know I have a lot of things I need to work on. I trust you to show me truth. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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