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How to Use a Mood Tracker for Your Light Strand Journal?

What is a Mood Tracker?

A powerful tool that helps you track your mood patterns on a daily basis. They are all over Pinterest.

We add an additional step to ours. PRAYER. I will explain how to add prayer later in the post.


How do you use it?

  1. Choose a color to represent different moods you experience.


  • Happy- Purple

  • Depressed-Black

  • Silly- Red

  1. Color a section a day to represent your mood(s).

  • You may decide to start by coloring three stars on the outside section for one day. To represent morning, noon, and night.

  • Or You may choose to color several stars different colors to represent different moods for one day.

  • This mood tracker leaves more room for creative decision. You may like mood trackers that have one shape to represent each day.


Why do this? It helps recognize your mood patterns.

  1. Dark Mood Patterns (Sadness, Depression, Anxiety, Anger)

  • Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring light into your dark moods. Talk to God about your desire for the heaviness to lift.

  • Listen for the Holy Spirit to reveal why you are feeling this way.

  • Are you hanging out in dark places or doing dark things? If you know you have behaviors that are making it worse, ask God to forgive you and to break ties with them.

  1. Light Mood Patterns (Happy, Silly, Grateful, Peaceful)

  • Praise and Thank God for the good things that are happening.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to confirm that your happiness is caused by things that honor God.

  • If it's from God, Make note of the things that are causing you to feel light moods

  • Be Careful. The enemy often uses sinful behavior to bring momentary happiness. The happiness eventually leads to your destruction. We will talk about that in later blog posts.


What is the Purpose of all of this?

To help you recognize your emotional patterns and learn to invite Jesus into your emotions. This will help keep you healthy and emotionally balanced. Try it out.


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