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Did You Already Cross the Threshold Into the Dark?


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Bring It Into Play

Battling. You crossed the threshold into the darkness. Trying things you knew you shouldn’t.

If you had known how powerful it would be. How hard it is to stop.

Can you ever find your way out of this?


Light is more powerful than the darkness. Choose the Light. Call upon Jesus. Ask Him to help you stop. Tell someone what you are dealing with. Ask them to pray for you.

Keep fighting until. You don’t need to fight anymore. Until you know the fullness of freedom again. Until you can claim victory over this battle.

Tell the enemy...I will not give up. I will fight until I win.

Action Step

Learn how to fight by reading Ephesians 6:11-18.

Draw a picture. Or Write out the different pieces of Armor. Start praying and ask the Holy Spirit to help you learn to use each piece.



God, please forgive me for choosing to step into the dark. Help me find my way out. I am suffering because of my choices. I know that you can rescue me. Give me the drive and endurance to fight until you help me win.

I don't understand the Armor yet. Will you teach me how to use it? Thank you for loving me even when I mess up. I believe in your Son. Amen.


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