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Directions: Go This Way


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Directions. It seems like God gives a lot of them.

Have you ever wondered why?

The decisions you make affect the quality of your life and the path you take. If you have ever made a bad one, you know the ripple effects it can have.

God’s directions in scripture are the road map to living an abundant life.

We live in a broken world, so trouble and heartache will hit. But if you follow God’s direction, you will find that things work out for good.

You will not be destroyed by the trouble. The pain turns into purpose. The heartache turns to strength and powerful love.

It isn’t easy to follow God’s directions, but it is totally worth it.

Action Step

Is there a time when you got really off track? Draw a picture of how your life looked or how you felt.

Where did the mess start? What added to it to make it worse?



God, I know that you give directions to help people lead a good life. Sometimes it feels like I have to miss out on everything because of your directions. It makes me feel left out, when I can't go with my friends. Then I start to feel frustrated and even angry with you. Help me to understand why it is important for me to listen and obey. Right now even those words make me feel like I want to rebel. Help me to desire your ways and not the world's ways. I love you. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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