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Color & Pray Printable for the Light Strand Journal


Life can be hard. Sometimes things hit us out of no where.

  1. On those days print off a color & pray sheet.

  1. Grab your favorite pens, colored pencils, markers, or whatever you love to get creative with.

  1. Then find a comfortable spot.

  2. Need some good music?

  • Spotify App.-Check out the Chicks Ministry Prayer Songs

  1. Let it flow out in a way that works for you

  • ​I usually start coloring first. It helps me relax.

  1. Talk to God like you would a friend or family member. It can be in your head or out loud. That's up to you!

  2. Write about what is bothering you.

  • ​This isn't school, so do what works for you.

  • Don't want anybody to know what your talking about. Write in code.

  1. Find scripture that talks about your struggle.

It may take several times to work through something that is bothering you. Don't give up. Keep praying. God is faithful.


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