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Seek God With Your Heart


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Bring It Into Play

Heart Connection. A bond with God begins with your heart.

The deep desire to know our creator means more to Him than sitting in church, religious rituals, or reciting a bunch of scripture. Powerful things happen, when you let God penetrate your heart and your life.

All at once, you realize that you have the power to overcome anything.

You are no longer stuck in darkness. Hope rules your life. You can’t help but share what you have found.

If you are ready for things to change, call out to God. He has always been there waiting to connect.

Action Step:

Make a simple heart. Draw it. Or Cut it out.

Write in the middle, "Jesus, I want to Know You."

Then decorate it with things that symbolize you. Show all the ways you want to connect with Him



Jesus, I really want to know you. Help me find my own ways to connect with you. I want to give my heart to you. Please show me how. I want to love you. Help me feel that love. Use that connection between us to help me understand you better. Then give me the courage to share my heart connection to help others understand they can have it too. Today I give my heart to you. In Your Precious Name I Pray! Amen.


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