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Are You Thrill Seeking Through Sexual Things?


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Sex. So many people use it as a natural high. Whether looking at images or actually trying out crazy things.

It is meant to be so much more. When used the way God designed find powerful love. Love that stands the test of time.

The truth. It wasn’t designed for thrill seeking.

How do I know? Because people who use it that way either destroy themselves, their relationship, or sex (they eventually stop enjoying it.)

Do you want to misuse it now to get a few moments of thrill? Or would you rather enjoy it in marriage and have years of strong powerful love? I guess it is up to you!

Action Step:

Find a special place to write a note to your future husband. Talk about your hopes and dreams for your marriage.



God, sexual desire is almost overpowering at times. There are so many things available that do not honor you. Sometimes it is hard to stay away from those things. Help me to see how they hurt me. Help me focus on my future marriage. Let that be my motivation to protect my heart and mind. Thank you for telling me the truth about things that hurt me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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