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Beautiful: The Way God Sees It


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You were created beautiful. We live in a world that says beauty depends on a certain type of look, weight, or clothing.

In the world, your body and possessions determines your beauty. God’s definition of beauty is different. He looks at your heart and actions to see your beauty. Every person is created with the potential to be beautiful.

Action Step:

Have you been sucked into the world’s definition of beauty? Ask God to help you see it His way.

Make a list of things that the world says is beautiful. Then consider...God does not see it that way. Why?



Father, I don't even realize how much I have bought into the society's definition of beauty. It is so ingrained in me that it shapes the way I see everything. Help me to see things your way. Help me to understand that the world's view of beauty is actually harmful to everyone. Even the people considered beautiful. Change my heart in this, please. Thank you for helping me. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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