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Isolation: When You Find Yourself Alone


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Relationships can be messy. Conflict often happens with the people closest to us.

The feeling that it is easier to be alone may surface. Causing you to pull away and choose to spend time by yourself.

Being alone is okay. If you use that time to reflect and pray. Jesus often went off on His own to pray and be with God.

But isolation for long periods of time isn’t good for anyone. It leaves you vulnerable to things like depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction & cutting.

If your friends have rejected you and refuse to hang out with you, go make a new friend. Be brave enough to put yourself out there. You may discover something new about yourself.

Remember Jesus is always there to help you.

Action Step:

Pray and ask Jesus to help you connect with a new person this week. Ask Him to choose someone that will be a good friend.

Keep praying and asking until you feel that He answered.



Jesus, you are the best friend I could ask for. I know that I also need good friendships here on Earth. Help me to surround myself with people who will help me draw closer to you. I want friends that will show kindness, even when we disagree. Thanks for always being there for me. I love you. In Your Name I Pray, Amen.


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