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The Enemy: He Aims to Destroy You


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Darkness. It can be a total rush to mess with dark things. It makes you feel powerful.

It starts out small. A rebellious thing with friends. Or something you do alone in your room. Over time it grows until it controls you. You keep taking things to the next level to get the same thrill.

All at once you find that you’re miserable and lying to the people closest to you.

The darkness slowly sucks out your light, your happiness, and even your will to live. God warns us in the Bible, “The enemy (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” John 10:10

Action Step:

Pray and Ask God to help you recognize dark things that you have been doing. Make a list, if there are several.

Reflect on how you started doing these things.

Think about why you do each one. How are they affecting you?



Father, you are powerful and loving. Help me to recognize how dark things hurt me. Let me see clearly the ways the enemy is using the dark things in my life to cause hopelessness or depression. Shine your light on my life, so I can see things clearly. Then help me to fight back against the darkness that is trying to overtake me. Thank you for your help. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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