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Emotions: How to Deal with Depression


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Depression. The world can seem so dark and hopeless. It is hard to even make it through the day when it hits.

The best way to journey out of depression is to literally invite the light of Christ into your mind. Ask Him to bust up the darkness that has taken over. Visualize beams of light flowing inside you.

Do not give in to darkness. You have to stand up and fight against it. Hang out in the light...listen to music that inspires hope. Watch things that lift your mood.

Rather than rolling dark thoughts around in your mind. Talk to Jesus about your hopes and dreams. Get up and do something that makes you happy.

...Light fights against darkness. Dark adds to dark, so if you want out of the darkness, choose light.❤️

Action Step:

Think of things that help you stay in the light.

Make a lists of things that make depression worse.



God, you didn't design us to be depressed. Help me to do things that help when I feel sad or depressed. Also, help me recognize the things that I do that make it worse. Pour your light out inside of me. Each day, help me remember to fill up with your Holy Spirit. You are my source of joy and hope. I love you. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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