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Emotions: Dealing with Anger


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Anger. What really ticks you off? I mean like makes you completely blow your top?

Do you ever say things you shouldn’t?

Did you know anger itself isn’t a sin. Jesus got angry. The problem comes when the emotion overtakes us and we lose control. This takes us down a dark path that is very destructive.

Action Step:

So make a plan. Think of things you can do to reign your anger in, rather than letting it grow out of control.

Praying definitely helps. Listening to calming music or pure silence helps some people.

Talk to yourself in a way that calms, rather than saying things that stir up your anger. Ask Jesus to help you because He understands.

If you mess up, don’t give up! Think about what went wrong, pray, and try again.



Lord, things can make me really angry. I know I don't always handle it in a way that honors you. My emotions get out of control. I say and do things I shouldn't. Help me to find ways to calm my anger. Help me to really want to change. Thank you for being the Lord of all my emotions. I know I can deal with them better, if you help me. You are awesome. I love you. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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