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Surrender Your Heart: See God Work in Your Life


God speaks to me.

People ask how I know. The simple answer is that His voice in my head doesn't sound like my own.

Before I surrendered to God I never:

- Felt led to teach people about Jesus.

- Thought I should go and pray for someone.

- Had compassion for people in the worst times of their lives, and then offered to help them through.

-Loved the unlovable.

-Truly desired to do what is right in all areas of my life.

-Openly admitted that I am broken.

Since 2007, God's ways have shown up all over my life. It can't just be me because I never considered doing any of those things until I started hearing a little voice in my head ask me to.

That sounds kinda crazy, but it is true. I am willing to trust that voice because it has made my life better. I am kinder. More compassionate. Loving beyond my ability. And Driven to help others find what I have found.

Basically. Life got better, when it wasn't all about me anymore. That is when I saw God

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