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Laughter: Christian Comedian

Honest VBS Volunteer

John Crist

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Bring It Into Play

Everyone needs a good laugh.

Read Ephesians 5:4. Did you realize that God doesn't want you to listen to or say crude jokes?

Think about how crude or dirty jokes can affect your thinking. Why would it be important to stay away from those kinds of things?

Action Step: Look up other John Crist videos on YouTube. Share them with a friend. Check other Christian comedians like Tim Hawkins and the Skit Guys.



Father God, help me to stay away from crude jokes and comedy that doesn't honor you. I know that I need to protect my heart, but sometimes it is really hard. Especially when my friends are watching those things. It feels like I am being left out. Show me how those things hurt me, so that I understand why I need to stay away from them. Thank you for opening my eyes to the things that don't honor you God. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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