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God Chose You: Choose Him Back

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Look around you. The God who crated the universe wants a relationship with you.

Your favorite singer or actor wouldn't even give you the time of day. But God, who created everything, wants you to be in relationship with you. Isn't that awesome?

He won't make you choose Him. That wouldn't make sense, since He wants you to learn to love Him. He already loves you.

Are you tired of hurting and struggling to understand who you are? Choose God. You can build your identity around being chosen and loved by Him. Once you give your heart to Him it changes everything.

You can trust that He will be there when your hurting. Through Him, you will be able to stop running to all the things that hurt your heart and crush your spirit. Life gets so much better.

Action Step: What are things that you keep doing that hurt your heart or crush your spirit?

Ask God to help you understand why you do it and to stop.

Talk to Him about when the behavior started and what it has done to you.


Father God, I am ready for a change. I admit I haven't chosen to follow Jesus like I should because I didn't want all the rules. I wanted to do things my own way. I am hurting. Nothing I am do seems to work or make it better. I believe you can help me become a better person and make life better. Help me Lord. Thank you for choosing me. In Jesus Name, Amen

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