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Being Your Best: How It Changes Your Perspective


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Bring It Into Play

Being Your Best means that you choose to see yourself in a positive light. choose to stop cutting yourself down and picking yourself apart.

What are you gifts and talents? How can you do good things and help others, with what you have been given?

Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to be better than they are. That will only make you miserable.

Believe that God loves you. Trust that God created you for a purpose.

Action Step:

Name something you enjoy or you are good at. How can you use that for good?

In the next week, how can you actively choose to help someone else?



God, you created me in such a unique way. Help me to look at myself and see all the amazing gifts you have given me. Open my eyes to the ways that I can use those gifts to make an impact right where I am. Sometimes I compare myself to others and wish that I was like them. Remind me that you made me the way I am for a purpose. Bring my focus back to your plans. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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