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Love: What Message Are You Sending Out to Boys with What You Wear?

Share Your Faith through Your Fashion!

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Bring It Into Play

How do you typically try to attract a boys attention? By the clothes you wear? The way you look?

Read Colossians 3:12. Why is it better to clothe yourself with those qualities rather than clothing that draws attention?

What types of sexual behavior or dress do girls use to attract boys attention?

How can attracting attention by using sexual things set you up for heartache?



Hey there God. I know that you created me and you see me as your amazing handiwork. Honestly, I have a hard time believing that I am enough just as I am. Sometimes I am so desperate for love that I don't care how I attract attention. The problem is then I end up getting hurt. Will you help me to wait for healthy love? Help me to want to be righteous. Thanks God for always being there. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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