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Drama Activity: See How Emotional Responses Damage Your Heart.

Decisions you make today become your past that impact your future.

Andy Stanley, "How to Be Drama Free"


Dramatic Responses Activity Instructions

Materials Needed: White Cloth, washable marker, dark permanent marker, large bowl, dish soap.

1. Cut Out a piece of clean white cloth.

The cloth represents your heart. Your goal is to keep your "heart" clean.

Sometimes when people are hurting they make choices that they know are not good, but they do it anyway because it makes them feel better in the moment.

Let's see how those choices affect your "heart."

Think of a time when you have been really upset and even depressed. Did you let your emotions take control?

2. Emotional Reactions: Permanent Marker vs Washable Marker

Using a Washable Marker, make two marks on your "heart" for each of these reactions.

Yelling/ Screaming


Throwing Things

Hitting Something

Using a Permanent Marker, make one dark mark on your "heart" for each of these reactions.


Sexual Activity

Alcohol Use

Drug Use

Hateful Self-Talk

How does your "heart" look now?

3. Imagine that you prayed and asked God to forgive your emotional behavior.

Wash your "heart" with water and dish soap.

If your sins are forgiven, why are some of the marks still there?

Look at the white cloth. Think about the types of behavior the remaining marks represent. While God will forgive the behavior, you still have damage from what you did.

Allowing your emotions to rule your life will cause your heart to have scars and damage.

4. What should you do to protect Your Heart? Turn to God, when you are upset.

What if you prayed first? Invite Jesus into your painful emotions and asked for help before you did any of those harmful behaviors that scarred your heart?

Inviting God into the situation minimizes the hurt and allows him to protect your heart.

Try PW2 (Pray, Wise Action, Wait)

Pray and Ask God for Help Think About: What is the wise action? Wait Until You Can: Respond with a gracious & wise response

Conclusion: We will all make mistakes that scar our heart. Our goal should be to stop the behavior when we recognize it. The more you repeat hurtful behavior the deeper the scars will be. Rather than getting into a damaging addictive pattern, turn to God and ask Him to help you through.

You will be amazed at how He will answer. Try It!

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