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Drama: 3 Steps to Resolve It Once It Happens

Movie Clip: "Grace Unplugged"

Song: All I've Ever Needed

Teenage Grace finds herself at odds with her parents. After a heated argument with her dad, she leaves to pursue her dreams. The dramatic decision separated her from her family and sent her into a downward spiral.


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Bring It Into Play

What to do when someone hurts you or makes you upset?

Can you think of anyone who you need to sit down and talk to about a conflict between you?

Warning: Blame is a trap. Do Not justify why you were right or point out other’s faults. Those actions do not honor God.

Action Step: Try these steps to resolve your drama.

1. Acknowledge: Recognize your part

2. PCW2 (Added Confession Since Drama Occurred)

Pray - Ask God for Help

Confess Your Part in the Drama

Think About: What is the Wise Action?

Wait Until You Can: Respond with a gracious & wise response

3. Go to the Person and Take Responsibility for Your Part.

You are not responsible for whether the person receives it. Even if they don't take responsibility for their part, you have done your part to resolve the problem. You have done what God would want you to do.

4. Continue to pray for God to heal the relationship.



God, I know that drama does not honor you. Please help me recognize where my reactions added to the problem. Your ways are not my ways, so I need you to help me see things your way. I confess that sometimes I say things that I shouldn't and allow my anger to take take over. I admire Jesus' calm and peaceful spirit. Make me more like Him. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Musically gifted, teenage Grace (AJ Michalka) wants to do more than perform in her father's

church band. She longs for pop stardom, but her father, a former music idol, warns her that fame often comes with a high price and that using her gift in the service of God is a loftier goal. When his former manager pays a visit, Grace decides to take his offer of a shot at the big time. But, the more successful she becomes, the more she feels pressure to compromise her religious values.

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