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Conflict: Creating a Clean Heart (Part 3)


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Bring It Into Play

Picture a person that tends to stir up your anger. Whether the words are out loud or in your mind, what are the things you say when you become angry? How does your body feel when you are angry?

Did you know that the words you speak and the thoughts in your mind actually more about the condition of your heart than the other person? See for yourself. Write words that describe you when you are angry.

Look at Galatians 5: 22-23 in the mindset links. As believers who walk in the Spirit we should be described as loving, joyful, peaceful, and gentle. When words like moody, frustrated, irritable, and spewing harsh words describe us, it is time to start praying.

Action Step 1: Use Your Battle Card to See a Heart Change

Read the scripture on the card and invite the Holy Spirit into the relationship with you and person who tends to make you angry.

Ask God to help you feel love for the person ahead of the negative emotions caused by the conflict. (It may take several prayer sessions for this to happen.)

Take the focus off yourself and your emotions.

Pray for the other person. Focus your prayer on "Love Your Neighbor." See their hurt. Think about their perspective. Have grace for the times they have made mistakes.

Recognize that you may be putting your emotions ahead of the person. The idea is to stop the negative emotions from taking control of your heart and mind. See the person and separate your emotions from them. Release the negative emotions to God.





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