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4 Ways to Be Uniquely Awesome (Part 4)

Photo Credit: Faith Nelson (Age 18)

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4. Ask God to help you see the lies you have been believing.

How do you recognize lies? Sometimes they are hurtful things you say about yourself. Or it can be the belief that you have to be perfect or the best at something to be loved.

We can be our greatest critics. A person can make one negative comment, and we can turn it into a lifetime of negative dialogue.

If someone hurts your feelings, take it to God in prayer.

Ask God... "Is this something I need to receive and work on? Or do I need to release it to you because it is just the person's opinion?"

If you choose to allow God to build your identity in truth, He helps you find who you were created to be.

Action Step: Look closely at the picture above. Notice how each corsage is different. Make a list of the differences you can see.

You may like one better than the other. Does that make the corsage better than the others just because that is your preference? What if one of your friends likes a different corsage is the best. Should you switch your choice?

Have you changed yourself because of what someone thought? Has someone ever made a comment about your body that caused you to have negative thoughts? Did someone criticize the way you performed, so you quit or lost your confidence?

Ask God to bring to mind dreams you have let go of. Lies that you have been telling yourself. Write them down.

Reclaim the dreams. Write the truth next to the lies.

Psalm 139 is a great place to start.

Here are some other Truths to write next to the lies:

I Am Enough

I Am Loved

I Am Beautiful

I Am A Daughter of God

Today's Words:






Hi God. Today I need your help to be kind to myself. Help me not to compare myself to others or to change who I am because of other's opinions. I realized that it makes me feel really lost and confused. Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself. I trust you to guide me and help me grow into who you created me to be. I am sorry that I tear myself down sometimes. I know I need to stop doing that. With your help, I know I can learn to love myself. Thanks for being such a loving Daddy. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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