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4 Ways to Be Uniquely Awesome (Part 3)

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3. One of the best ways to understand the ways that you are Uniquely Awesome is to ask God.

Yes, you can actually pray and ask God to help you understand how awesome and loved you are. He is your daddy in Heaven, so of course He wants to help you know your worth.

Sometimes it helps if you can find some that relaxes you and gets your creativity going. What works for you? Music? Drawing? Journal? Something else? Try the action step to see if that works for you!

Action Step: Find a quiet place without a lot of distractions. Then put on some headphones and listen to Christian Music. Spotify is a great place to find a variety of Christian Music. (See Above Photo for Help) Trust me there is more than your grandma's church music .Do you have your worship music ready?

Today try drawing to spend time with God. While you read Psalm 139 that is listed above or out of your Bible, you could draw the ways that God made you special as He created you.

Or read the verses and draw things that come to mind while you read them. That's what Raven did in the example below.

An Artist Chicks named Raven (Age 14) drew all the pictures that came to mind while she read through the Psalm 139. Look how cool it turned out! Give it a try.



Hi there God. I love that when you look at me, you see so many good things and that you adore me because I am your child. Help me to love myself as you love me. Help me to praise you for the ways you made me different from other people. I want to thank you for making me different because those differences allow you to use my life to reach people who need hope. Please keep helping me build my identity in Christ. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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