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Sadie Robertson: Know Him to Find Him

Sadie Robertson: Know Him To Find Him

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God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. That is why we are not afraid even when the earth quakes or the mountains topple into the depths of the sea. Psalm 46: 1-2

"Be Still and Know that I am God." Psalm 46:10


Bring It Into Play

1. Describe ways that we can continue to trust God even when hard times come.

2. What makes it hard to hang onto peace, when hard times hit?

3. Describe things that cause fear and anxiety? What are way we can access the power of God to work through fear and anxiety?

Action Step: Grab a fresh sheet of paper. Let's start a list of words we find in scripture that describe who God is. Today's mindset links can help us get our list started. We should add to that list any time we find another word in scripture that describes God's character.

Then when hard times hit and fear starts to take over. Pick up the list and read through it to as a reminder of why we can trust God.

Today's Words:



Ever-present help



Jesus, life can be really tough and sometimes I forget to ask for your help when I am struggling. There are times when I feel like you don't care. Please press upon my heart to cry out to you because you love me and want to help. Allow your Spirit to wash over me when fear and anxiety try to rip away my peace. Help me to be peaceful even when everything seems like it is falling apart.

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