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Bible Journaling: 10 Tips for Getting Started

Before You Begin:

1. Pick Your Journaling Bible- You may not want to use your primary study Bible, since you will likely be coloring on pages and marking up the text. The Chicks used the Bible they were given when they joined the group.

2. Recommended Websites- Illustrated Faith & Pinterest are great resources for information and ideas about the process.

3. Grab a Pocket Journal and a Pencil- so you can write down thoughts and ideas before you dive into your Bible.

Getting started~

1. Pray- Ask God to Open your Heart, Fill you with the Holy Spirit, and Speak to you.

2. Listen for His voice through the entire process. Expect to hear God through the Holy Spirit.

3. In Your Pocket Journal- Write down topics that are relevant in your life, questions you have, requests or needs that you have.

4. Choose One for Your Focus- Faith in Jesus Christ is about more than going to Heaven when you die. You can use the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit to help you with your daily life.

5. Search for Verses on Your Topic- Use the Bible Concordance, Google, a Bible dictionary, Bible Gateway, The Open Bible Info. Jot down recommended verses in your journal.

6. Repeat Read the Bible Verse on Your Topic- Read verses that touch your heart several times and Ask God to open your eyes and help you understand what He wants you to know.

7. Draw Visuals or Write Phrases That Come to Mind- You may want to use your journal initially to capture a rough draft of your idea and then transfer it to your Bible.

Note: You may want to Use Pencil first when drawing in your Bible!

8. Have Grace for Mistakes- If you make a mistake, don't panic or get upset. It is not different than everyday life. You can either try to fit the mistake into your artwork or let it be a reminder to you that God has grace for our mistakes!

Additional Suggestions:

9. Other Resources for Inspiration- Daily Devotions, Bible Studies, Sermon Notes

10. Worship Music- The messages and attitudes can inspire your creativity.

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