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Growing Closer to God... Together

Chicks Ministry is a nondenominational, nonprofit ministry that acts as gathering place for young women to learn about faith in Jesus Christ. Chicks serves a young woman during the pivotal years from adolescence into early adulthood. Wherever she may be in her beliefs, Chicks exists as a safe place to hear sound Biblical teaching, learn how to recover from difficult situations or mistakes, and accept the invitation to build an identity in Christ.

Chicks features a variety of Christian music, movies, books, clothing, and so much more, with the belief that these products will help a young woman connect with the light. Through the messages, she will hear and believe that she was created for a unique purpose by God who loves her. Her new perspective will allow her to access the power she possess inside to make a positive impact in this world.

Once she chooses to make the journey in Christ, the Chicks community will help her endure the hardships in life and discover the courage and strength to be herself.

Together as Sisters in Christ, we support each other, pray for each other, and learn how to draw closer to God.

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